Philosophy Writings

Introduction - The World and Your Part In It

I am not an excellent writer by any means, so you will have to bear with me for my writing style.

In brief - I have had many thoughts over the years about various topics, as I often walk places by myself leaving me a lot of time to ponder on aspects of life; shortcomings and what would make the world or at least people's lives within it better perhaps.

I have been thinking for a long time that when you get onto a philosophical topic of society, for instance debating the state of affairs in a given country (maybe your home country)—'the system'—it is incredibly demoralising. As an individual, we seemingly cannot do much at all, we complain and we may have the ideas but there is no way we could begin to implement them.

What can be done? Often this comes with the classic 'rebuttal': "do something." Easier said than done, of course. Because who knows what 'something' is? What do you do, and what chance do you have? It seems like whenever there is activism in the news, it has 'turned up' for them or there is some kind of force propping them up, some agreement in a part of society that we haven't any ability of getting our actual thoughts across to.

A couple things have crossed my mind over the years:

  1. Do people often think or have a philosophy of their own? (in regards to 'the system' or aspects of life such as dealing with social situations)
  2. If so, are we isolated? (demoralised, being 'realistic' - an attitude of defeatism)

Those two questions are very general, and I think are necessary to 'opening up' people to wider thought, if they don't already. Because it is not really worth discussing philosophical topics in any depth if the reader is just 'receiving data' and not actively pondering on life on their own terms.

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